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Did Owen's Friend Supply Him with Drugs?

With his brothers by his side, and all of Hollywood behind him, Owen Wilson is continuing to recover at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after allegedly cutting his wrists in a tragic suicide attempt.

Today there is breaking news about Owen's friend, Steve Coogan, the British actor who starred with Owen in "Around the World in 80 Days" and "Night at the Museum."

Us Weekly's Jill Martin says that sources point to Coogan, 41, for Owen's downfall.

She explains, "Friends and family were hoping to get to Owen before things really went downhill. He shut out his brothers, whom he's very close with. He really wanted to protect the people that he loved, because he knew he was going to a place that was really dark."

As Owen spiraled into depression, he reportedly spent time with Coogan, an alleged hard-partier.

"Steven Coogan is the consummate partier," Martin said. "We're told he's into drugs, and he's into partying."

Coogan's ex-girlfriend Courtney Love reportedly contacted Us Weekly and said she warned Owen to stay away from Coogan. She reportedly felt that Coogan "wasn't the right influence" because of his hard-partying lifestyle, telling the magazine, "I tried to warn Owen. I tried to warn his friends."

Added Martin, "She was his girlfriend, so if anyone knows what Steven Coogan is up to it's Courtney."

Coogan fought back at those allegations today, telling "Extra," "These accusations are unfounded, unhelpful and hurtful to all concerned. We are taking legal advice."

Now "Extra" has learned that Owen has dropped out of his upcoming comedy "Tropic Thunder" with friend Ben Stiller.

Stiller was to direct the film and Owen was to star alongside Jack Black. Shooting reportedly already began, and Owen was set to film in just weeks. It is not clear whether Owen's part will be recast.