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Denise and Charlie's New Battle

In a statement to “Extra,” Denise Richards blasted Charlie Sheen's statement sent out yesterday concerning their ongoing custody struggles.

Richards responded, “I was disappointed to learn of my ex-husband Charlie Sheen's current statement regarding our personal affairs. This was and should still be a private matter that we as responsible parents settled privately.

I stand by that agreement and I will continue to do what is best for our children while attempting to keep this family situation a private matter.”

Yesterday, Charlie Sheen said, "Until I’m granted the ability to hire my own nanny, she is required to provide one and I was terribly insulted that she felt her 'assistant' was a suitable replacement.

If it’s unfortunate that I’m speaking, it’s 'unfortunate' that an incredibly loving and responsible father and his terrifically capable fiancée are being subjected to these transparent and unnecessary sanctions, that have nothing to do with responsible co-parenting and everything to do with punishment and control.

As long as I am forced to live under these conditions with my children, people are going to hear about it.”