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Did Paula Zahn Leave Husband Over Sex?

More details are emerging from newswoman Paula Zahn’s sensational split from her husband of 20 years, Richard Cohen.

A sexless marriage may have drove Zahn into the arms of another man, according to “friends” who spoke to the New York Daily News.

But Cohen’s friends tell the paper it was Zahn who betrayed her husband when she reportedly started seeing his golf buddy and friend, Paul Fribourg.

Cohen, 59, a multimillionaire developer, and Zahn, 51, have three children together. The ex-couple has yet to file for divorce, though they are now living apart.

Last week, Zahn sued Cohen for $25 milllion, accusing him of mismanaging her money. At the same time, scandalous reports emerged of Cohen finding Zahn’s so-called “love diary,” which supposedly recounted her relationship with the married Fribourg.

Zahn’s people have no comment.