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Michael Lohan: 'I'm Thankful'

Michael Lohan is speaking to "Extra" about Lindsay's struggle to get sober.

He says, "I am very thankful that the system saw it is long-term rehab that Lindsay needed and not long-term incarceration. This is a good thing. Lindsay is putting her life back in order. I believe Lindsay wants to do that."

Yesterday Lindsay was charged with seven misdemeanor and DUI charges. She pleaded guilty and will serve just one day in jail. She also released a statement to "Extra" acknowledging her addiction to drugs and alcohol, saying she wants to be healthy.

Added Michael, "I believe Blair Berk, her attorney, and Bev her counselor at Cirque Lodge have Lindsay's best interests at heart. The results are going to speak for themselves. I believe that Lindsay's restoration, as mine, can and will be a great sermon to many. "

Lindsay is currently in a Utah rehab facility. She has until January 8 to serve her time.