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Robin Roberts: Prognosis is 'Quite Good'

“Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts is calling her prognosis “quite good.”

She told the Associated Press, “The cancer is out of my body and I'm healing from the surgery. Hopefully, the plan now is to keep it out."

Roberts made a tearful announcement on July 31 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She underwent surgery on August 3.

The brave star says doctors will wait several weeks before having her undergo more treatment, which may mean chemotherapy.

Roberts, 46, says she doesn’t want to be specific about her treatment until she knows exactly what it will be. She said, “I am very confident and they (doctors) are very confident that it is going to be fine. The road getting there is going to be a little bumpier than I anticipated and they anticipated. I am better off than so many people who find it so late and that is why I am grateful and that again is why my battle cry is early detection."

As for the controversy she created when she returned to “Good Morning America” just two weeks post-surgery, Roberts said even her mother was “fussing” at her for the decision.

But she said that not every person who undergoes the surgery can make the decision to return that quickly to work, adding, “When it comes to cancer it is personal. It's not one size fits all. You have to do what is right for you.”