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Lohan Update: She Pleads Guilty, Gets Jail

“Extra" was in the Beverly Hills courtroom where Lindsay Lohan’s high-powered attorney Blair Berk made a plea deal over her DUI cases and misdemeanor charges.

Lohan, who was not in the courtroom, pleaded guilty or no contest to seven misdemeanor charges.

As a second offender for DUI, she was ordered to serve four days in jail. But the judge cut that time in half, then shaved off one day for time she spent in jail after her July arrest.

In addition to one day in the slammer, she will do 10 days of community service and 36 months summary probation.

It could have been a lot worse: had Lohan been charged with a felony, she could have faced years behind bars. But the amount of cocaine in her possession was below the limit needed to file charges.

She must serve her sentence by January 8.