Is 'American Idol' Coming to the Big Screen?

He's already taken over TV with "American Idol," "America's Got Talent" and "American Inventors," and now "Extra" can reveal that Simon Cowell is breaking through to the silver screen.

Simon tells "Extra" that America's favorite show, "American Idol," is about to become a movie!

"It is called 'Starstruck,'" Simon revealed. "We're writing the script as we talk."

The feature film will hit theaters next summer.

He added, "It is about 10 contestants who enter a gigantic singing contest. It's like 'Rocky.' It's about good versus evil, and it will be very, very realistic."

So realistic, in fact, that the parts will be filled not by professional actors but by total unknowns!

"I'm going to cast the lead parts through an open audition process across America," Simon said. "So if you get through the auditions, and you get a part in this movie, it's a huge, huge deal."

So why is Simon making the move to feature films?

"Nobody's done it well since 'Fame,'" he insisted. "I felt it was the right time to do it."

But that doesn't mean Simon is leaving television. Auditions are already underway for the seventh season of "American Idol."

"I can't bear the auditions," Simon confessed. "And I hate them even more each year so I'm not thinking about it."

In fact, Simon said that getting back together with "Idol" judges Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul isn't quite like a family reunion.

"They're not my family," he said. "No. We'll just sit there and not get on particularly well and then I'll go home."

Some things never change for Mr. Nasty!