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Billy Joel: Christie and Paul Are Just Old Friends

Rumors began swirling this week that Paul McCartney may be romancing Christie Brinkley after the pair was spotted together in the Hamptons.

Now, Christie’s ex, Billy Joel, is responding to the rumors, telling “Extra,” “I know Paul from a long time ago…many, many years ago. We knew Linda and Paul and their kids. So, he’s actually an old friend. I think she [Christie] knows him from the same way I know him…they’re just old friends.”

Meanwhile, Billy’s wife, Katie Lee Joel, admitted that there’s only room for one singer in the family.

“I can’t sing to save my life,” she said. “I do, even though I’m really bad. I still sing in the car, in the shower,”

“I just nod my head,” The Piano Man admitted. “I’m glad she’s a good cook.”