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Tori Spelling: Every Time I Look at My Son I Think of My Dad

Since the birth of her son Liam, Tori Spelling has been walking on air with her husband Dean McDermott.

But there is one thing missing from the “90210” star’s life: her father, Aaron, who passed away just before Liam was born.

“We felt like he left this world and was bringing Liam to the world to us,” Tori told “Extra.” “I wish he could hold Liam. Every time I look at Liam I think of my dad.”

Though she lost her father, Tori gained a mother: the birth of her son helped rekindle her relationship with mom Candy after a bitter public feud.

Now, she says, Candy is a doting grandmother.

“She’s good, cute. We call her Candy Gram,” Tori said. “She’s so funny. She’s not one of those opinionated moms. She loves buying him little gifts.”

Tori and Dean are gearing up for another season of “Tori and Dean: Inn Love,” in which they run a bed and breakfast – and there are rumors that Tori could join “Dancing with the Stars!”

“There were talks about it. I don’t think I could do it,” she admitted. “I’m too nervous.”

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