Robin Roberts Returns to Work

It was a joyous day at “Good Morning America” Monday, as Robin Roberts returned to her anchor chair just 10 days after undergoing emergency breast cancer surgery.

Robin stunned viewers and her co-hosts as she returned to work, showing grace and courage in her daunting cancer battle.

“We can’t stop smiling around here this morning,” said a jubilant Diane Sawyer.

Two weeks ago, the beloved 46-year-old anchorwoman fought back tears as she broke the news about her heartbreaking diagnosis, telling viewers, “I have breast cancer.”

Robin discovered a lump in her breast after a mammogram had missed it.

But what a difference only a few weeks can make, as Robin looked radiant and healthy this morning.

“It feels good to say, ‘Good morning, America!’” she exclaimed. “Thank you, America. Thank you, Jesus. I’m so thankful the surgery is behind me. I still have a road ahead of me, but it’s a journey that many have taken before me, and boy, are they showing me the way.”

But was it too soon to return to work?

Not according to Robin’s surgeon, who said it was good for her to get back to work right away.

Her doctor told “Extra,” “As soon as a patient is comfortable – and is not in any significant pain – I think the best medicine for them is to get back to their life; get back to work.”