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Hollywood’s Hottest Women Prove Age is Just a Number

Pamela Anderson, Nicole Kidman, Halle Berry, Faith Hill, Sandra Bullock: just a few stunning beauties turning 40 who prove that age is just a number.

“Extra” partied with Pam in Las Vegas, where she recently celebrated her 40th birthday, and she revealed that she feels younger than ever.

“I'm forty, how old is everyone else?” the blonde bombshell joked. “I feel like a little girl.”

Pam also says she has become a better person with age.

“I guess you start reflecting backwards as you start getting older, start thinking that you've done a fairly good job, and the best job I've done is raise two incredible little boys to this point,” she said.

And these gorgeous actresses all agree that with age comes wisdom.

“Life is hard, so you’ve got to be able to yuck it up, to glide through it, rather than get hit by it,” says Sandra Bullock.

Pam has a similar lesson in life.

“It's nice to look back, to learn from the mistakes you've made and be proud of mistakes you didn't make,” said Pam.

Forty never looked or sounded this good!

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