The Bachelor Who Wants to Give Brad Pitt a Run for His Money!

Ladies, meet sexy soap star Brent Weber, who is heating up TV screens every day on “All My Children.”

The 26-year-old Texan says he is ready to meet the perfect woman.

"I’m just getting back into dating life after being in a relationship for a while,” Brent revealed to “Extra.”

This eligible bachelor knows exactly what he is searching for in Miss Right!

“The first thing I look for is a sense of humor,” he said.

And watch out Brad Pitt!

Brent says he’s got a major crush on Angelina Jolie, and he loves a woman who resembles the actress.

"I'm obsessed with Angelina Jolie,” Brent admitted. “That kind of type, you know just the dark hair, the eyes, that’s kind of physically what I look for.”

But ladies, be ready to do some exercise if you want to go out with Brent: he enjoys hiking, running and working out every day.

"All the guys on our show are like Ken dolls, so I have to work hard to keep it up,” Brent said.

So what exactly is Brent’s idea of a perfect date?

"Maybe doing like, you know, an evening picnic style thing, with candles and bring a bottle of wine,” he revealed. “I think that is kind of romantic.”

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