The Dr. McDreamy of Daytime TV

There’s a new doctor in town on “General Hospital: Night Shift,” and he’s making pulses race.

Jason Thompson, a.k.a. Dr. Patrick Drake, is 30 years old, single and a dead-ringer for 80s heartthrob and returning cast member Rick Springfield – who plays his father!

“It is a compliment. You know, the guy is still a rock star,” says Jason.

Born and raised in St. Albert, Canada, Jason was discovered by a modeling agent when he was an 18-year-old bus boy.

But he admits his early acting gigs weren’t so glamorous!

“I was on MTV’s ‘Undressed.’ I was handcuffed to a bed wearing women's panties! It was an acting job. I basically took what I could get at that point also,” he admits.

Here’s just one more reason this bachelor would make a great catch: he wants to treat a woman like a queen.

“Hopefully, I can treat someone the way they deserve to be treated,” Jason says.

But the right girl will also need a sense of humor, especially in the morning.

“I always wake up in a good mood and get up early, but come ten thirty or eleven o'clock, I'm pretty much asleep,” jokes the sexy soap hunk.

So what’s the craziest thing this hot actor has done to impress a girl?

“Probably says a lot about why I'm still single! I haven't done a lot too crazy yet!” he admits.

Well, Jason, maybe you just haven’t found the right girl yet.

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