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New Questions Arise about Britney Spears' Mental State

In recent months, Britney Spears has been plagued with stories that would make anyone cringe: tales of meltdowns, stealing, childcare worries and constant partying.

But the mother-of-two isn’t letting those disturbing headlines stop her from partying.

Last night, “Extra” spotted the recently-rehabbed starlet hitting Hollywood club Winston’s with her assistant Alli.

Driving away from the club – without a seatbelt on – she sucked on a lollipop, then handed it back to a mystery man who happily took the candy from her!

Her constant partying, despite rehab and Kevin Federline’s reported battle for full custody, is now raising questions about Britney’s mental state.

New reports say Britney may be suffering from bipolar disorder, a mood disorder characterized by erratic behavior and wild, unpredictable mood swings.

In fact, her recent antics seem to rival her February head-shaving scandal.

This month alone, she heated up the feud with her mother after ordering her to stay away from the kids, jumped into the ocean wearing only a bra and underwear and had an alleged meltdown during a photo shoot in which she reportedly stole or ruined thousands of dollars worth of designer clothing.