Meet New York's Hottest Firefighter

He’s the green-eyed handsome hero of New York, and eligible bachelor Andre Mikel Johnson promises to rock your world!

Andre looks so good – in and out of his uniform – that he was named Mr. April of the 2008 firefighter calendar.

When it comes to meeting the perfect woman, the 37-year-old hunky firefighter has a very romantic outlook.

“I think the most rewarding places are those unexpected places where you meet women,” Andre revealed to “Extra.” “The supermarket, the laundry mat or when I'm coming home from a run in the park. You just lock eyes with someone and that chemistry is exchanged.”

So what is this bachelor’s biggest turnoff?

“If a woman has beat-up feet and nasty toes, there’s no chance of a second date!” he admitted.

But on a positive note, Andre said he loves a girl with some curves.

“She has to be curvaceous,” he told us. “Oh, she has to know how to cook.”

Andre also said he loves a girl with some sass!

“I love a woman who can just throw it in a pot and mix it up and hit me with something flavorful, you know smack me in the head,” he joked. “I need that from time to time.”

And what is this sexy bachelor’s view of getting a little bit closer in the bedroom?

“I really like to get to know a woman before that happens, but to be real, there's those moments when that animal chemistry takes over and you just strip each other's clothes off and get buck wild!” Andre said. “There's nothing wrong with that either.”


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