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Nicole Kidman on Turning 40: 'I'm Finally Enjoying My Life'

Nicole Kidman has a lot to celebrate.

It’s her 40th birthday this week, and perhaps more importantly, it’s her first wedding anniversary with husband Keith Urban.

But Nicole almost never made it to that one-year mark.

A terrifying accident on the set of her movie, “The Invasion,” in January sent her to the hospital with serious injuries.

Nicole was filming a scene for the sci-fi thriller when the car she was in suddenly flew out of control.

“I banged into a pole,” she explained. “I was actually concussed and broke some ribs. Anything for the film!”

But Nicole is healed now and looking fabulous as she turns 40.

“I think I’ve settled in to enjoying my life,” she revealed.

She's enjoying her marriage to Keith even after the country star struggled to get sober in rehab.

So are kids in the future?

Nicole wouldn’t say, insisting she couldn’t drop such a bombshell on public television, but with a smile, she told “Extra” they are “very much in love.”