The Most Eligible Anchorman in America

On-air on in the air, “Fox and Friends Weekend” anchor Greg Kelly has enough heart and courage to make any woman swoon.

Before breaking into broadcast news, Greg, 38, the son of NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly, was a Marine Corps pilot for nine years.

In 2003, while covering the war in Iraq as an embedded journalist, he was injured by an exploding mortar.

“I got a little bit of metal in the face,” Greg explains. “But it was no big deal. On TV, it looked much worse than it actually was.”

Greg, currently based in New York, is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve. In his spare time, he flies single-engine planes.

But the anchorman says he’s not flying as high as he’d like to because there’s no woman in his life!

“Sounds like he has a tendency to be geographically undesirable,” admits Greg. “That pops up sometimes because I am on the go, and I do move around a lot. It’s been a mobile lifestyle.”

Greg hopes to settle down with a wife and kids someday, and if that sounds like a match, he likes women who are smart, ambitious and ready for take-off!

“She’s got to think that I’m funny even if I’m not that funny, and I am not that funny,” he says. “I guess I want a girl who is not afraid to go flying someday,” he says.

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