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Lindsay Lohan Movie Bombs at Box Office

As if things couldn’t get worse for Lindsay Lohan, her latest movie, “I Know Who Killed Me,” was killed at the box office this weekend.

It debuted at No. 9 on the charts, earning just $3.4 million.

Movie critics are ripping the film to shreds, with some calling it the worst film of the year.

The New York Daily News said, “The truth is, no review could really do justice to the monumental trashiness of this mess; it really has to be seen to be believed. Although if Lohan is lucky, no one will bother.”

Meanwhile, her troubled family is battling it out in court.

Her estranged father Michael Lohan was scolded by a judge this week for his failure to pay child support to Lindsay’s younger siblings.

Since his release from prison, Lohan has been living and working at a rehabilitation center called Teen Challenge and said he receives no salary.

But the judge has imposed a $500-a-week child support order and instructed Lohan to prove that he is seeking employment by August 10.