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How Denise Richards Balances Stardom and Motherhood

Denise Richards has her hands full.

The actress has two daughters and a busy full-time job! How does she do it?

“Extra” caught up with the star at Beverly Hills boutique Lola En Moi, where she revealed how she balances her hectic life.

“I'm very good at doing ten things at once,” she explains. “I think I'm just forced to be organized when you have two little kids. But I like it. I love a busy house.”

The beautiful star also says she loves going shopping with little Lola and Sam.

“It's fun just to walk around and go to the little boutiques and have lunch, and so we'll just make it a girly afternoon,” gushes Denise. “I used to have shopping days with my mom and my sister when we were little.”

Denise says she always tries to follow her mom’s wisdom on balancing motherhood with the rest of her life.

“When I'm working, I feel guilty being away from the girls,” Denise admits. “She gave the advice of making sure I have that time for myself as well and I'll be a better mom.”