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Britney, Holding Baby Sean Preston, Caught in Middle of Violent Brawl

Britney Spears, clutching a crying Baby Sean Preston, was caught in the middle of a violent brawl Thursday morning.

“Extra” got the shocking shots of Brit’s burly security man, whose name is JC Camera, going off on a photog at The Wynn Hotel.

The photographer claims it was all unprovoked, but according to a police report, which lists Britney as a witness, Spears said the bodyguard was actually on the defense.

Spears said her security guy was carrying Sean Preston when the photog bumped into him. That is when he handed Britney her baby and he grabbed the paparazzo.

Despite reports that Britney was banned from The Wynn after the brawl, “Extra” has learned that is not true. Brit left on her own.

But now comes a new report that Britney could be headed into a whole new custody crisis.

Allegedly, neither Britney nor Kevin Federline are allowed to take their children out of the state without special permission. We’re told Brit has hightailed it back to LA, where she could face another career disaster.

Spears’ former assistant, Shannon Funk, who was inside that disastrous OK! photo shoot, may be ready to talk for half a million dollars to set the record straight.

“Shannon told me she had pictures, what those pictures are I'm not sure,” said internet blogger Perez Hilton. “But if she's holding something of value, and I was Britney Spears, I would be concerned.”

He added, “She was with her for just a few weeks. She said no, that she did not sign a non-disclosure agreement.”

This means that the world according to Brit just got a lot more interesting.