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Lindsay Lohan Currently 'In A Safe Place'

Lindsay Lohan is still in hiding, and “Extra” has learned the embattled starlet has reportedly hired a new security team to help her escape from the paparazzi.

Insiders will only say that Lindsay is “in a safe place,” and it has been hinted that she is still in Los Angeles.

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s estranged father, is still trying to reach out to his troubled daughter.

“Extra” found Michael – arms outstretched – praying for Lindsay at the faith-based Teen Challenge rally in New York City.

Michael told “Extra” about Lindsay’s chances of becoming clean and sober – for good.

“It’s going to be her greatest triumph of all,” he insisted. “She can claim victory just like these people.”

But Michael’s own children lashed out today at their estranged father.

In an e-mail to VH1, Lindsay’s little sister Ali blasted, “My father was never there for us... Lindsay will be fine. She is just going through a rough time right now.”

But one Hollywood legend thinks Lindsay is going through more than just a tough time – she’ll need to completely rearrange her life if she wants to recover.

Today Martin Sheen, who co-starred with Lindsay in “Bobby,” told “Extra” that Lindsay’s latest low is a result of too much too soon and negative influences.

“The bottom line is you have to get through the entourages that surround these celebrities who are spinning out of control,” he said. “They don’t want to let it go. This is their meal ticket.”

Martin also made a shocking revelation: that cutting an entourage out of one’s life can turn dangerous.

Martin, who knows addiction all too well as his son Charlie battled substance abuse, said Charlie’s attempt to get rid of his bad influences wasn’t easy.

"I just disarmed them, literally,” Martin revealed. “One or two of them had guns, and I had to disarm them.”

And he had this message for Lindsay’s parents: “You get in there and fight for life.”