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The Shocking Truth About Britney's Disturbing Meltdown

Britney Spears’ behavior has grown increasingly more erratic over the past several months, and her recent disastrous photo shoot with OK! Magazine did little to prove the starlet’s world isn’t falling apart.

Now “Extra” can reveal the shocking truth about the photo shoot that led insiders to wonder if Britney’s career – and her state of mind – is in shambles.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” OK!’s Ruth Hilton told “Extra.”

During the shoot, which was supposed to be Britney’s chance to explain her wild behavior and set the record straight, Britney snapped, Hilton said.

“Not me, not the photographer, had ever seen anybody walk off a shoot like that,” she recalled.

Before storming off, OK! said Britney didn’t think the clothes were sexy or tight enough.

She wound up reportedly setting off a $21,000 trail of destruction – reportedly walking off with $14,000 in jewels and accessories and damaging thousands of dollars in other designer clothing.

“These were never gifts!” Hilton said. “I’m honestly baffled.”

Even worse, Hilton said Britney let her dog relieve itself on a $6,000 gown.

Then she shocked the OK! crew by using the bathroom without closing the door!

“We felt this story did need to be told,” Hilton admitted.

Now “Extra” is breaking all-new headlines about Britney’s family.

She isn’t talking to her mother or her father, continuing the potentially damaging trend of cutting those closest to her out of her life.

Now her ex, Kevin Federline, is reportedly asking for full custody on the heels of Britney’s bizarre behavior.

You tell us: should K-Fed get full custody of their two children? Sound off here.