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Britney Launches Foul-Mouthed Tirade Against Paparazzi

Don’t cross Mama Spears!

Britney unleashed an angry rant against the paparazzi when they tried to snap pictures of her and her two young sons.

Pulled over on the side of the road in Beverly Hills, the pop star was desperately trying to calm down her screaming sons when a gang of photographers swarmed her car.

At first, the pop princess told them to leave her alone and give her the privacy she deserves.

"You have to stop using the cameras and following people,” she yelled at the paparazzi. “This is illegal. Back up guys!”

But when the photographers ignored her warning, Britney went ballistic as cameras rolled.

She launched an expletive-filled tirade, lashing out at a photographer while her babies watched from the back of the car!

“Have you ever heard of Weight Watchers?” was among the calmer threats Britney screamed at a portly paparazzo.

Warning to all Britney-watchers: give her space when she’s with two screaming children!