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The Reinvention of Katie Holmes

In eight months, Katie Holmes has gone from shy girl next door to the confident wife of superstar Tom Cruise.

The change is obvious - she's wearing designer clothes, sporting a sleek bob haircut and showing off a proud new outlook on life.

Now, with baby Suri, she's gracing the cover of People Magazine and answering the question everyone wants to know: What is it like to be Mrs. Tom Cruise?

"Extra" sat down with People's J.D. Heyman to help answer that.

"When they were first married, she was a little more retiring than Tom," J.D. said. "But now, she's confident, and she's out there."

Katie is not just the wife of one of the world's most recognizable stars, she's also a dedicated mom - and a working one, at that. She just wrapped the movie "Mad Money" with Diane Keaton and Queen Latifah.

"She's a sweetheart, literally," Latifah told "Extra."

Right now, as Tom films a movie in Germany, it looks like Katie's life is getting busier as little Suri nears age two and is just starting to walk.

"She's got a great marriage, a little girl that she adores," J.D. said. "She's managing to balance it all in a way that's pretty remarkable."

Katie has also learned how to balance the new circle of superstar friends that she was instantly initiated into when she married Tom.

"Extra" has learned Katie is planning a huge party for two of her closest confidants: David and Victoria Beckham.

She'll hold the bash on Sunday to welcome the superstar couple and their family into the same Beverly Hills neighborhood where she lives with Tom.

David told "Extra" that Katie and Tom were instrumental in smoothing their major international move to the United States.

"He's been a true friend to me, and so has Katie been to Victoria, when she's come to L.A., helping her out," David said.

Katie now knows a thing or two about Los Angeles - she's a fixture in all the most glamorous restaurants.

She's also a fixture in the fashion scene with her new, short hair-do and her sophisticated clothes.

"She's not dressing like a college student anymore," J.D. explained. "And the fashion world is noticing it."

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