Behind Katie Holmes' Special Visit to the Big Apple

It was a night of show-stopping surprises at the star-studded Big Apple "Hairspray" premiere, and "Extra" was right in the middle of the mayhem!

"This is wild!" Queen Latifah told us. "New York - everybody comes out!"

One of the night's biggest surprises was Mrs. Cruise, Katie Holmes.

She strolled the red carpet with her new, sleek haircut and a stunning basic black dress showing off her legs!

Katie jetted back to the Big Apple from Berlin, but she came alone - hubby Tom is filming a new movie there, and had to stay behind.

Katie revealed she flew across the Atlantic for one special reason: "My friends," she said.

Friends like John Travolta and Kelly Preston, who were joined by Paula Abdul and her new man - restaurant owner J.T. Torregiani!

"He's so brilliant," Kelly gushed about her husband John, who had to dress in drag for the film!

"It's not easy getting into that getup and rehearsing and singing and dancing with all that weight and sweat!" John told us.

Michelle Pfeiffer didn't sweat making this fun musical at all.

"I went there for the first few weeks of rehearsal and I never wanted to leave!" she said.

The gorgeous star said she loved the role so much, she even took some of her wardrobe with her.

"Yes, I did get to keep a few!" she admitted.

Young Nikki Blonsky, who worked in an ice-cream parlor before landing the starring role in the film, told us she was thrilled but a little nervous about her first movie premiere.

"I'll probably fall on the red carpet!" she said.

But the best part of the whole night wasn't just the glitz and glamour - it was meeting her idol, Liza Minnelli!

"Will she hug me?" an excited Nikki asked "Extra," just minutes before Liza waltzed over and squeezed her!

"I definitely think it was an out-of-body experience," Nikki said after the big hug. "She's an idol of mine!"

Liza told "Extra" she has some advice for young stars like Nikki.

"Be prepared," she said.

As for the best advice, Nikki says it came from none other than John Travolta.

"The best advice I've received is actually from John Travolta and that is, 'Always listen to your mother!'"