Keith Urban Says Rehab Saved His Life, Marriage

Keith Urban is opening up about his painful stint in rehab – and he’s saying it’s the love of his wife, Nicole Kidman, who helped him make it through.

"A tour? One record? That is such a blip on the radar,” Keith told The Tennessean newspaper. “When I went to Betty Ford, I didn't care if the whole record got scrapped. It was just time to take care of my life.”

Keith completed 90 days at the Betty Ford clinic in January. Now, the 39-year-old country star feels older and wiser beyond his years.

"I do the old man view now,” he said. “I picture myself in my 80s, looking back at my life, and I try to make decisions based on that view."

When Keith entered rehab, he had to leave behind the promotion of his brand new CD, “Love, Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing” – and Nicole.

Keith said his decision to enter rehab was based on his wife, who was away at a time when he found himself falling deeper into addiction. It was Nicole who encouraged him to get his life in order.

"She hadn't really been away before, and it came as a shock to me to be alone and not prepared for it; alone with this thing that I had, this big monkey on my back," he revealed.

Now, looking back, Keith said he truly believes that if he hadn’t taken charge of his life, his problems would have cost him his career – and the love of his life.

"It sounds strange, but I'm glad it happened,” he admitted. “There's no doubt that what it's done for our marriage has been truly divine. It has brought my wife and me to a place that may never have happened for us."