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How Jessica Simpson Lost 20 Pounds and Is Keeping It Off

Jessica Simpson caused a sensation in Miami Beach this weekend with the launch of her new swimwear line, where the starlet revealed to “Extra” how she got her new, hard body – and what she considers her biggest flaw!

“My worst flaw in life is procrastination,” Jessica admitted.

But she’s been diligent with her trainer Harley Pasternak for a few months – dropping a whopping 20 pounds off her tiny frame.

“It's not a quick change, it's a lifestyle change,” Jessica revealed. “There are still cheat days!”

Jessica followed Pasternak’s Five Factor Diet, which means she ate five small meals a day and dined on foods like bison burgers and Cuban-style shredded beef.

Pasternak told “Extra” his program includes “no calorie-counting and no carb-cutting.”

But when Jessica wants to show off that bikini body, she has a few tricks of her own.

“I've always done a certain thing with the string bikini,” she said. “I take a safety pin and do a rouching on the butt!”

Jessica’s new swimwear line is focused on all kinds of girls, especially those who want to hide a few flaws of their own.

“We really have tried to reach out to every certain body type,” Jessica said.

Jess’ new swimwear line is a venture with her mom Tina. It’s the latest splash in her fashion empire, which includes high heels and hot shades.

But there’s one thing missing from a head-turning day at the beach: “Maybe I’ll have a Jessica Simpson sunblock soon!”

Jessica’s barely-there collection hits stores in November.