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David Beckham: Movie Star?

It's only been three days since David and Victoria Beckham landed in the U.S., and they're already facing a media frenzy comparable to Beatlemania.

All that attention can be hard on the famous family and their three young children - but David told "Extra" that nothing can keep them down.

"They're alright at the moment," David said just hours after a simple shopping trip to Toys 'R Us turned into a circus, with paparazzi crushing the couple as they struggled to their car.

"We're a family, so we're not going to stop doing things just because of some of the things that go on around our life," he insisted. "We love taking them to the beach. We love taking them to the park, so that will carry on."

Like their good friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Posh and Becks are taking the flashbulb frenzies in stride.

"I think that he's been a very close friend to me over the last few years," he said of Tom.

But although he and Tom are close, rumors of the two teaming up on the big screen are far from the truth.

"I haven't spoken to him about anything like that," he said. "But I'm all about the soccer and that's as far as it goes."