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Victoria Beckham on Hubby: 'He's Absolutely Gorgeous'

The Beckhams have landed in America - and "Extra" is with them as they make their first steps in Los Angeles.

"I love America!" Victoria tells us. "What better place to bring up children?"

Now Victoria and her hubby David, who together are one of the world's most guarded - and hottest - couples, are letting "Extra" in to their private lives.

"I've got to find a school; I've got to find a house," Victoria said. "I've got to find a manicurist!"

Victoria "Posh Spice" and her family are looking to settle in Beverly Hills. The Beckhams will soon become a household name when Victoria's NBC special airs July 16.

"I never realized I was eccentric till I watched the footage back and I was like, 'You're weird!'" she admitted.

But what you'll never see on the special is what "Extra" is revealing - how Victoria landed her soccer stud nearly a decade ago.

"I went to a soccer game," Victoria said. "We just got talking and it was very apparent from an early stage that he has very strong family values. He's a great dad. He's a fantastic husband."

Was it love at first sight?

"Definitely!" Victoria replied. "He's absolutely gorgeous. But he's got such a good heart. He does everything for me and the children."

Their lives will be complete once the couple and their three little boys settle in to Beverly Hills - and they'll have a few familiar faces around!

BFFs Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes live just around the corner, but as Victoria explained, it's not always easy to get together privately.

"You can go get slices of pizza. You just have to go at three o'clock in the morning when everyone's in bed," Victoria said.

But the Spice Girl has more on her mind than just hanging with her famous friends.

"I want to expand my clothing line," she said. "Fashion is very important to me."

It's also important to hottie hubby David - Victoria says they dress each other!

"I do buy him quite a few bits of clothes, but then he does the same for me. I think we make each other," she revealed.

Also next on Victoria's calendar - her huge Spice Girls reunion in the fall.

"I love all the girls," she gushed. "They made me who I am and what I am."