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Rachel Ray's Marriage in Ruins?

Tabloid reports are claiming that Rachel Ray’s marriage is in ruins – and now, after months of hurtful and salacious headlines, the TV chef is opening up to “Extra” to set the record straight.

“You know when I read the interview rumors about the end of my marriage I was toasting my husband on the first three days we've had off together in about 6 months of work,” Rachel revealed. “We were having margaritas that he had just made for us.”

Rachel told “Extra” that she and hubby John Cusimano spent the weekend in the Hamptons and were even planning an anniversary party when they read the tabloid headlines!

Still, the rumors didn’t stop – allegations of infidelity have plagued the couple, with reports swirling that John was cheating and so was Rachel, with “Survivor” alum Colby Donaldson.

“I don't know where they come from; I really don't,” Rachel blasted. “We couldn't be happier.”

The New York Post is standing by its story that Rachel’s mother came to town to help Rachel find a new bachelorette pad.

But Rachel insists she isn’t going anywhere.

“I've got a lawyer, a great cook and a rocker all in one guy,” Rachel said. “I would never give him back, not for nothing!”

John, however, will be spending time out of the house this summer – but it’s for his band, The Cringe. They’ll be hitting the road for a mini-tour.

As for Rachel, she’s rolling with the punches.

“I've got the greatest job in the world, and I do everything for a job that I would do on a day off from a normal job,” she said. “So if that's the worst you've got to do is deal with a bunch of rumors, then who cares?”