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The Biggest Skin Care Lies –- Exposed!

Summer is here, but before you head to the beach, “Extra” wants your skin to look fabulous and flawless!

So we’re busting the four biggest skincare lies with the help of dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Jessica Wu.

Myth #1: Tanning beds are safe

Dr. Wu says stay away – that theory is wrong!

Some beds claim to protect against UVB rays, but that’s not enough.

“Actually they're giving you up to 20 times as much UV rays, the silent killers, because they're the ones that break down collagen, give you wrinkles and give you melanoma,” Dr. Wu said.

Myth #2: SPF 50 is always better than SPF 15

“It’s not about the number, it’s about the ingredients,” Dr. Wu explained. “You need to look for ingredients like zinc and mexoryl, which will protect against the UV rays.”

Myth #3: You can you scrub away acne

This is a big no! “Acne is not caused by dirty skin,” Dr. Wu told us.

It’s caused by bacteria, so look for products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to help.

“If you scrub your face, your acne is only going to look worse,” Dr. Wu said.

Myth #4: You can be addicted to lip balm

Even though it seems like the more you use, the more you need, Dr. Wu insisted that there’s nothing addictive in it besides the feeling.

“What you're addicted to is how soft, smooth and kissable your lips are, so go ahead and use that lip balm,” she told us.

Now you’re ready to show some skin!