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Suzanne Somers on Turning 60 and Her Tough-As-Nails Philosophy

Suzanne Somers is simplifying her life!

The ageless beauty is opening up to “Extra” and revealing why less has turned out to be more after a devastating blaze destroyed her home.

Still smiling and carefree after the fast-moving fire that burned her Malibu beach house to the ground, Suzanne said she’s happy to be turning 60.

“It’s the best I’ve ever felt and the happiest I’ve ever been,” gushed a radiant Suzanne.

That’s quite a statement considering Suzanne and her husband Alan are still recovering from losing everything in their home.

“I certainly have learned in the last couple of months about letting go of attachments,” she revealed.

She has also adopted a tough-as-nails attitude!

“So you don’t have your nice clothes left. You get used to it,” she insisted. “And I strangely feel uncluttered about it.”

But there is one special material thing Suzanne managed to recover from the wreckage of the blaze – her wedding ring. And that ring is a symbol of her strong relationship with Alan.

“With all the problems I have in my life, I still have an amazing marriage,” she said. “It’s 39 years. It’s amazing. He still turns me on.”

Suzanne’s philosophy, which has helped her handle cancer and now the loss of her home, is simple.

“Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start over again,” she said simply.