'Extra' Uncovers Tyra Banks, Before She was Famous!

Tyra Banks is a supermodel, a television producer and a talk show host, and she has accomplished more in her 33 years than most people do in a lifetime! So how did she do it?

“Extra” is turning back the clock to see just how she shot to the top!

It was back in 1994 when Tyra first let us into her life, where she showed us her down-to-earth charm and revealed her insecurities!

“My hands! They look like I'm 35, 40 years old. I'm only 20,” Tyra said.

And the list went on!

“When I smile, my top lip disappears,” she said. “My forehead can be a little bit big. My feet are too skinny; they don’t have arches. I’m knock-kneed. I have a whole list of things.”

We also discovered that not only was she a domestic diva, revealing that Chili powder was her “secret recipe” for great food, but that calorie-counting was definitely not her thing!

“I eat normal stuff,” she told us. “Tacos, burritos and barbeque ribs. And I try to work out to maintain my figure.”

And like the rest of us, she had to work the Stairmaster, lift some dumbbells and do some major crunches.

“It’s really important because my body is my product,” she explained. “So you have to have it in tip-top shape or you're unemployed.”

Clearly, unemployment was never a problem for Tyra!