Kate Beckinsale is on a Manhunt

Kate Beckinsale is in need of some body heat from her hubby, director Len Wiseman!

“Extra” was with the brunette beauty on the set of her new movie “Whiteout,” where she plays a U.S. Marshal on the hunt for a fugitive through Antarctica.

The sultry British beauty, who recently said she was sex-starved while shooting in the icy wilds, confessed only to “Extra” that she could use a little love from her hubby, who first directed her in the vampire flick “Underworld.”

“He’s been so dying to work with me right now,” she said.

Len is back in Hollywood working on “Live Free or Die Hard” with Bruce Willis, but the actress said she’s happy he’s pursuing different projects.

“It’s good for my husband to work with some other people so he can realize even more what a great experience it was with me,” Kate said with a smile.

So does this mean another film is in the works for Kate and Len?

“We’d love to work together again,” she revealed. “I’m not sure it would be ‘Underworld: 8,’ but we’ll probably work together. We like each other.”