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Paris Gets Back to Basics

Paris Hilton is now a free woman, and she’s got the whole world in her hands.

So what does an heiress with money to spend do next?

Make more money, of course!

The Learning Annex has reportedly offered Paris a million bucks to teach a course on building your brand.

Perhaps no one knows more about that than Paris, who single-handedly made herself into household name for partying and putting her signature on products.

But now the freed jailbird is in the middle of some brand re-invention herself.

When she left Lynwood last night just after midnight, she wore no makeup and actually looked modest and somewhat unassuming!

Well, as unassuming as you can be in white high heels.

Still, Paris did tell Barbara Walters a few weeks ago that she’s “not that superficial girl” she once was.

She says she wants to do charitable work, and she’s been ordered to stay off the booze for 90 days.

She is also showing a sense of humor, sending Harvey Levin of TMZ.com a personalized sketch of her wearing the L.A. County Jail jumpsuit and looking bewildered.

“She seemed real last night,” Harvey said.

Now “Extra” can reveal the hours leading up to the Hilton homecoming.

Paris’ parents Rick and Kathy, along with Paris’ personal assistant, went on a mad scramble to get ready for the pampered princess’ return, stopping at Sprinkles cupcakes and hauling in flowers, balloons and even a massage table,

She was then whisked from jail and into her grandparents’ 13-bedroom mansion in Bel Air.

Wednesday night she’ll emerge for the first sit-down interview, only with Larry King.

And after all the hoopla surrounding her early release and accusations of “special treatment,” Harvey Levin said she’ll need some good PR.

“I think the way she handles the Larry King interview will determine Paris’ future,” Harvey told us.