'The Closer' Kyra Sedgwick's 'Sweet' Secret to Success

Golden Globe nominations, a happy family and a booming career – Kyra Sedgwick knows a thing or two about success!

As star of the hit show, “The Closer,” Kyra puts a pretty face on the ugly world of crime.

She gave us an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of her office on the set of her hit show, and what did we find?

Kyra’s own secret stash!

The actress says she eats chocolate everyday, admitting, “A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine!”

But the actress revealed her hubby Kevin Bacon is the real key to success.

Married almost 20 years – an eternity in Hollywood standards – Kevin and Kyra are so close that Kevin even directed an episode of “The Closer.”

Perhaps one secret to their happy marriage is that Kevin is not the jealous type.

When we asked Kyra if Kevin gets jealous when she has steamy on-screen romances, she replied, “No, no, gosh no! We’ve been married so long, we’re so beyond jealousy.”

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