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Rosie Turns Down 'Price;' 'View'-ers Turn Down Show

Rosie O’Donnell has passed on an offer to host “The Price is Right.”

After meeting with CBS executives and weighing a substantial offer on Thursday, she decided that she just couldn’t move to Los Angeles from New York, where the show is shot.

That was the deal breaker for Rosie, and apparently, no amount of money could change that!

Moving across the country would just be too much for Rosie, 45, and her four young kids with wife Kelli, 40.

“So to get my entire family uprooted from their lives and move them across the country so that I can have a fantasy childhood indulgence job just doesn't seem fair,” Rosie said on her video blog.

Meanwhile, the co-hosts she left behind on “The View” are seeing a huge decline in their popularity.

The ABC show has lost over 400,000 viewers since Rosie left.

Fox News pulled figures from the Nielsen ratings system and determined that the show “sank like a stone” during the first two weeks of June, right after Rosie packed her bags.