Meet 'CSI' Heartthrob Adam Rodriguez

Monday night primetime is hotter than ever thanks to “CSI: Miami’s” resident stud Adam Rodriguez.

Our Tanika Ray spent a little one-on-one time with the Puerto Rican and Cuban bachelor, who loves nothing more than cruising Miami’s waters and clubs.

“Miami ...something about the air and the energy, just makes you want to get out and have a good time,” the 32-year-old former stockbroker confessed.

So what kind of woman is Adam looking for?

“I love a great smile, but there's butt, boobs, brains, all that stuff,” he admitted.

But the one thing a lady must possess if she really wants to hold Adam’s attention is humor!

“Make me laugh, make me walk away feeling like I had a great time, and leave me with a little mystery, a little intrigue,” Rodriguez confessed.

And a little magic in the kitchen doesn’t hurt your chances either!

“A woman who can cook, who's a hard worker, who has ambition and passion and drive about something,” Adam added.

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