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Farrah's Secret Weapon in Her Battle Against Cancer

There’s new hope in Farrah Fawcett’s cancer fight.

“Extra” has learned Farrah is in the midst of a promising new treatment, with longtime lover Ryan O’Neal by her side.

Farrah and Ryan flew to Europe this week to seek out a cure for her recurrence of cancer.

Friend and famed author Jackie Collins was with Farrah soon after the stunning star got the news that her cancer was back, and Jackie told us, “She looked absolutely beautiful. She looked fantastic. And Farrah is a fighter.”

Now Farrah is putting on the gloves in the battle against the tabloids.

Her lawyers are firing off letters demanding the retraction of stories reporting about Farrah’s cancer struggle. The former “Charlie’s Angel” said it’s getting so bad, paparazzi put her in danger in order to snap a picture.

Craig Nevius, producer of Farrah’s reality show “Chasing Farrah,” said, “The illegitimate press has continued to stalk Farrah as she seeks treatment for cancer, going so far as to run her off the road on her way to Ryan O’Neal’s in order to try to get pictures of her.”

As she battles the tabloids and her recurring cancer, Jackie says Farrah has a secret weapon in her corner: Ryan.

“He’s very concerned about her, but they are great together,” Jackie said. “They are still the golden couple, and he’ll always stand by her and she’ll always stand by him.”

Added a positive Jackie, “She’s going to fight this, and I really hope she’ll win.”

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