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The Incredible Shrinking Paris?

More shocking news from behind bars for Paris Hilton.

Insiders at the jail tell “Extra” that Paris has dropped to a shocking 100 pounds!

Apparently, the heiress is on a hunger strike, and it’s gotten so bad, she’s on an IV drip.

Paris’ mom Kathy told us Paris is “doing as well as she can,” and the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says her condition is “stable.”

Her attorney, Richard Hutton, gave “Extra” a rare interview when he said Paris passes the time reading fan mail.

“She’s trying to do the best in a very difficult situation,” Hutton said. “I’m proud of how she’s doing.”

But Paris probably isn’t too proud of this shocker…

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne just let is slip that Paris slept with their son Jack!

Paris and Jack have been friends for years, and Ozzy and Sharon revealed the sex secret to a London paper.

Now there’s news that Paris might not have won many friends in her neighborhood.

Her Hollywood Hills neighbors are bracing for mayhem, just like the day she went to jail, when Paris is released in six days!