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Did Britney Already Fall Off the Wagon?

Less than 90 days after leaving rehab, shocked onlookers claim Britney Spears is drinking again!

The singer, who denies having a drinking problem, was spotted kicking back quite a few rounds on June 15 at West Hollywood hotspot Lola’s.

“She had two Jack and Cokes and an orange-flavored martini,” manager Sylvie Haines told Us Weekly, adding that the pop star “didn’t seem drunk.”

Meanwhile, Esther Tognozzi, the owner of Esther’s Haircutting Studio – where Britney famously shaved her head on February 16 – is also revealing to Us Weekly that despite reports Britney's locks would be selling for millions, she will not be selling them after all.

“We just decided the whole thing had to stop,” she said. “The hair’s not in my shop, but it’s in a safe place. I have no intention of doing anything with it – except maybe burn it.”