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Paris 'Looks at the Four Walls' All Day

Paris Hilton has no doubt been lonely in jail, but on Sunday, the jailbird got a special visit: her parents, just in time for Father’s Day.

Rick and Kathy Hilton arrived at the Century Regional Detention Center in Lynwood, Calif., late Sunday evening.

On their way in, Rick was asked about Father’s Day.

“It’s not ideally my best,” he said.

After spending nearly an hour in the slammer with Paris, Kathy told reporters that Paris is “doing well. She’s doing much better. She made Rick a beautiful Father’s Day card with his picture.”

But when Paris isn’t working on arts and crafts, Kathy said she “looks at the four walls, and reads some nice fan mail.”

Pal Kevin Connolly – who once dated Paris’ sister Nicky – offered his support for the heiress and her family, telling People, “Paris is like a cat. She always lands on her feet.”

Vivica A. Fox, who was also recently cited for DUI, said that Paris has a big lesson to learn.

"The main thing you should do is take responsibility for your actions," she insisted. "But I think that's a huge lesson for her to learn that you're not above the law."

Ellen DeGeneres chimed in, saying she hopes that Paris really will drop the “dumb act” she reportedly confessed to.

"If that really was an act, and she really was playing dumb, then what does that say about our society that we're celebrating someone who's successful because they're not smart?" she told reporters. "I just think it's a bad sign, and she shouldn't contribute to that."

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