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David Hasselhoff Gets Full Custody of Kids

In what could be an end to one of the strangest and most bitter public custody battles, David Hasselhoff has been awarded primary physical and sole legal custody of his two daughters.

Fresh from a Los Angeles County Superior courtroom, “Extra” was there as The Hoff won the legal battle with ex-wife Pamela Bach.

“The judge said today enough is enough,” said a jubilant Hasselhoff. “The judge ordered sole physical custody to me and primary physical custody to me until further notice.”

Pamela was spotted crying in the hallway, exclaiming, “I just lost my kids.”

When she emerged from the courthouse, she told us, “We’re not supposed to say anything about the kids, and I’m going to respect that.”

This is a strange end to the Hasselhoff saga.

Last month, a tape emerged showing a drunken Hasselhoff on the floor of a bathroom while his teenage daughter recorded the whole thing.

The Hoff acknowledged his battle with the booze, but his ex Pamela publicly accused him of being incapable or caring for their two children.

In turn, Hasselhoff launched a bitter public diatribe against Pamela in which he insinuated she was taking drugs and abusing their girls.

But today, the judge ruled in Hasselhoff’s favor.

Now Hasselhoff is telling us this Sunday will be a very special Father’s Day.

“I’m taking my daughter to New York,” David revealed.