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Is the World's Most Famous Jailbird Flying the Coop?

Despite being transferred back to the original cell where she started her sentence, there’s buzz circulating that Paris Hilton could be set free this weekend!

If that were the case, Paris would definitely not be finishing out the 23-day sentence the judge handed down.

But L.A. Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore is putting the brakes on that rumor, saying reports that the jailbird will fly the coop are simply not true.

The hotel heiress will, in fact, serve out her 23 days – and will be a free woman on June 25.

“She just wants to do her time and get on,” said Paris’ mom Kathy.

Once she gets out of jail, Hilton is reportedly going to throw a major party, Paris-style!

Word is the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino of Las Vegas is planning to fly Paris – by private jet – to Sin City and pay her thousands to host the party!

If she does agree to host, she’ll pull in a whopping $800,000.

But the Hard Rock says the party’s not happening and blames rival promoters for leaking a false story.

Now a new report is blowing the lid off of accusations that Paris has received preferential treatment as an inmate.

The Los Angeles Times just investigated the normal sentence for parole violators and found that Paris is most definitely spending more time in the pokey than most.

The Times found that a majority of offenders serve only four days in jail!

Should Paris be treated just like other prisoners, or should she be locked up for 23 days? We want to hear from you -- leave your comments here!