Angie on Brad: 'He Was a Great Producer'

A mob scene erupted in New York City Wednesday night as thousands of screaming fans begged for autographs from the world’s most beautiful couple – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The glamorous pair made their pit stop in the Big Apple for the big premiere of Angie’s emotional new drama, “A Mighty Heart,” and “Extra” has all the details from their big night.

All eyes were on Angelina – dressed to kill in black velvet – and you’ll never believe where this bargain girl got it from!

“It’s from Wasteland on Melrose,” Angelina told us.

Only Angie could take a $26 gown from a thrift store and make it Hollywood-glam.

“The fashion shot is so important right now,” Jolie quipped. “God forbid I talk about foreign policy.”

Brad, who opted not for the discount look but for a three-piece designer suit, was a producer on the film in which Angie starred.

When “Extra” asked him about what it was like to be a boss to Angelina, Brad chuckled and said, “She has no boss!”

“He is a really great producer to be quite serious,” Angelina told us. “But at the end of the day he was at home with our kids doing the most important job in my book.”

In the film, Angelina plays Mariane Pearl, whose journalist husband Daniel was killed by fundamentalists in Pakistan.

Jolie became fast friends with Mariane, who has a young son, Adam.

“We wanted to have a play date because we realized at the time we were both single moms with kids who are similar age,” Angie revealed.

Now, she is taking her friend’s story to the big screen and delivering a powerful message about humanity.

Brad explained the film by saying, “It's this idea of people coming across different cultures and different religions to fight together for one common goal.”

In fact, Angelina considers the film the most important of her career.

“It’s so relevant to our time, mainly because I have children and I think now about the future,” Angelina said.

Meanwhile, new unconfirmed reports have surfaced suggesting that there could be more children on the horizon for Brad and Angie – they might be adopting again!

This time, it’s an orphaned boy from the Czech Republic, where Angie is filming her latest movie, “Wanted.”

For now, Brad and Angie are going to focus on their four little ones – Shiloh, Maddox, Zahara and Pax – and spend a quiet Father’s Day at home.

“I’ll just get up with my kids,” Brad said of his special day. “That’s enough for me.”

But Angelina has something a little more special in mind!

“The kids are making things,” she revealed.

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