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Paris Getting Perks in the Pokey?

Paris Hilton’s parents, Rick and Kathy, made their first visit to see their daughter in jail Tuesday, and they were nearly mobbed.

It was quite a scene as the couple tried to make their way through a crowd to see their jailbird daughter.

The crush nearly caused Kathy to fall, but she recovered and blew a kiss to her supporters, revealing that Paris is very “cold” in jail but has started to regain her appetite.

Now, in what could fuel the fire behind claims that Paris Hilton is receiving special treatment because of her celebrity, inmate insiders are telling “Extra” that Paris is definitely getting a few perks.

Unlike other inmates at downtown L.A.’s Twin Towers jail, Paris has an i-Pod – and is being allowed to roam freely!

But the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department says the story’s simply not true, and that Paris is being treated just like the others in the pokey.

While the Sheriff’s Department was busy denying they’d sided with Paris over the whole dilemma – stars in Hollywood are definitely not being shy from telling us what’s on their mind!

At last night’s “Animal Fair Magazine” fundraiser for the New York Humane Society, Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and “Heroes” cutie Hayden Panettiere let the Paris fur fly!

“They're using her as an example!” says Hayden. “I think she's getting a little harsher than everyone else.”

But Katie has a slightly different idea of Paris’ plight. “People shouldn't have been shocked by the fact she was out in the first place because money is power,” blasts Katie.

And now there’s more bad news for Paris.

“Extra’s” just learned that Paris has been dropped from her talent agency, Endeavor.

An agency rep says, “Paris is no longer a client.”

The rep declined to specify a reason for the sudden departure, but sources are saying she was dropped on Friday – the day she was sent back to jail.

Meanwhile, Rick Hilton is showing his support – in his own, Hilton way – for his troubled daughter.

He’s reportedly getting ready to throw a Vegas-style bash for his favorite jailbird, asking Sin City nightclubs to pony up $50,000 for an “I Got Out of Jail” party when she’s freed!

And Forbes Magazine’s Louisa Kroll tells “Extra” that would just be the tip of the cold-cash iceberg.

“I think her celebrity factor has just shot through the roof,” reveals Louisa. “I think people will be curious to see what she does to fix herself.”

Now, just days after being sent back to the slammer, there’s already buzz of a Hilton book deal.

Recently rehabbed Kate Moss was reportedly offered $2 million to tell her story, while Bill Clinton banked $12 million for his tell-all.

And the former president can pull in nearly $500,000 for a speaking engagement!

Paris may not command as much as a former world leader, but she could get in the range of talk-show host Jay Leno.

He earns $100,000 or more to appear!