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Christie Brinkley Defends Billy Joel Divorce Rumors

Twenty-four years after they made rock-and-roll history together appearing as husband and wife in his “Uptown Girl” music video, Billy Joel and his ex, supermodel Christie Brinkley, came face-to-face last night at their daughter’s concert – and it was all family harmony!

“We’re friends,” Christie told us. “Billy and I are friends.”

Christie, 53, and Billy, 58, were married for 10 years before divorcing in 1994, and Christie insists there is still no bad blood between them.

“I think we had the quickest, shortest, fastest, most amicable showbiz divorce,” Christie said. “That’s what my lawyer told me anyway!”

But things might not be so amicable on Billy’s side – at least that’s what the tabloids are saying.

New York’s newspapers are screaming that Billy and his 26-year-old wife Katie Lee are on the verge of a divorce.

Now the couple, who has been married since 2004, is coming to “Extra” to clear up those rumors – and even Christie is talking in support of her ex-husband!

“That’s so ridiculous,” Christie insisted. “You can’t believe what you read!”

“I know where it’s coming from,” Billy said. “Some guy’s trying to plug a book. So he says stupid stuff.”

And Billy has another theory – that nay-sayers are just jealous!

For now, Billy and Katie are focusing on their brand-new mansion in the Hamptons.

They purchased their $18 million oceanfront home from “Jaws” star Roy Scheider.

“We just closed,” Katie told us. “There’s no furniture," adds Billy. "There’s nothing in it. It needs work!”

Perhaps Billy and Katie need all that room for a family.

“Sure, we’re married, ain’t we?” he said.