'Ocean's 13' Sends a Tidal Wave Through Sin City!

“Extra” has been with the boys from “Ocean’s 13” everywhere from Cannes to Hollywood – and now we’re with them in Sin City!

We met the new Rat Pack at the Palms Hotel and Casino for the Vegas premiere of “Ocean’s 13,” where Brad told us his better half – Angelina Jolie – wouldn't be joining him to play.

“This is work here,” Brad insisted.

Screaming fans, lights, cameras and glamour? It’s work if you’re Brad Pitt!

Angie was working, too – this time in L.A. for a special screening of her new movie, “A Mighty Heart.”

But it wasn’t all business for America’s favorite high-rollers!

Mega-producer Jerry Weintraub admitted, “I’m a gambler!”

And Brad Pitt revealed, “I like poker and blackjack.”

But George Clooney says he’s a different kind of risk-taker: "Just with my career."

Matt Damon said he wouldn’t be hitting the slots of Sin City.

“We’ve got to get up early and fly again, so I don't know how much I'll be playing,” he said.

So who in the gang usually gets the winning hand?

Don Cheadle says not to bet on George!

“He's the unluckiest guy in the world, so you can take his chips really fast,” he joked. “Brad’s the luckiest.”

“I feel like it,” Brad added.

But the “Ocean’s” cast isn’t ready to cash in their chips on the franchise any time soon, and they're hinting at an "Ocean's 14!"

“Maybe an 18,” Ellen Barkin said. “Starring Brad Pitt’s family!”

That wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Little Shiloh – at the tender age of one – is already making her big-screen debut alongside Daddy Brad in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

So as long as the crew is in Sin City, will they be living it up?

“I just come here for the shows,” insisted a smirking George.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!