J.R. Rotem: Classical Pianist, Hip-Hop Producer and Sexy Bachelor!

He’s the music whiz and multi-platinum producer who’s building beats and topping charts with stars like J-Lo, 50 Cent, and Rihanna.

He even made music with Britney Spears in studio – and after hours!

Now J.R. Rotem is “Extra’s” Most Eligible Bachelor, and he’s looking for that special someone to make music with.

But chances are if you’re a club-hopper, you won’t meet him there.

“I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs, so I don't live the party lifestyle,” 30-year-old J.R., whose real name is Jonathan, revealed.

So what’s his idea of an ideal date?

“I bring her back here after dinner, play piano for her, and that would be a wrap,” the classically-trained pianist said.

And his idea of a babe-magnet? A hot car.

“Extra” was with J.R. when he put that theory to the test – and picked up a $245,000 Lamborghini!

Now who wouldn’t want to take a spin with him in that?

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