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The 'Ocean’s' Boys Make Their Mark!

As if the boys from “Ocean’s 13” haven’t cemented their place in history as some of the hottest movie stars in the biz, they are doing it this time for real!

“Extra’s” with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon and mega-producer Jerry Weintraub as they put their hands and feet into wet cement at the Hollywood Walk of Fame, just feet from where “Ocean’s” originals Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin made their marks!

And the crowds went crazy as their movie idols set of the first wave of excitement for the premiere of their long-awaited crime caper.

George Clooney joked, "If I had to be on my hands and knees with three other guys, I can't think of three better guys to do it with."

Like 2004’s “Ocean’s 12” debut at the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, historic Hollywood Boulevard will be shut down for tonight’s glamorous premiere.

And just like she did in Cannes, Angelina is expected to walk the red carpet with Brad!

“Extra” has learned that just before they flew into France, Brad gave Angie a very special gift – a letter engraved in gold, declaring his love for her and their family!

In Cannes Brad told us just how special his family is.

“As I look at these kids that come from different parts of the world and I'm telling you, they couldn't be any more brothers and sisters,” he gushed.

And it’s a family affair for the “Ocean’s” cast, as the gang teams up to donate proceeds from their upcoming premiere to the organization “Not On Our Watch,” which raises funds for the humanitarian crisis in Darfur.

Producer Jerry Weintraub proudly boasted, “We’ve raised $9 million.”

And today is even more special for Jerry, as he becomes the first producer ever to leave his mark at Grauman’s.

Said George, “Jerry is the heart and soul of it, period. This is a Jerry Weintraub production.”